Know the GSTR3B Update in Tally’s New Release 6.6.1

GSTR 3B Update in Tally.ERP9

In this post, we are going to see what is Excel-based GSTR 3B Offline utility? What is the purpose of using it?
and the Updates provided by Tally solutions in their latest Release 6.6.1

What is Excel-based GSTR 3B Offline utility?

It is one of the prescribed template developed by  The Goods and Services Tax Network to help taxpayers to prepare GSTR3B. Tax payers can download the offline utility from the GSTN portal under the download tab by clicking the offline tools menu. Either the taxpayer can manually fill the data in that excel based offline utility. Many GST Software allows the taxpayers to export their GSTR3B in excel based offline utility format.

Once updating the information in excel utility file taxpayers can validate the file & then generate JSON file which can be uploaded in GST portal.

What is the Purpose of Excel Offline Utility?

The purpose of this Excel Offline Utility is as follows

  • The Taxpayer can prepare the GSTR3B return without connecting the Internet.
  • This facility will provide an opportunity for the taxpayer to verify details before filing and
  • This method of filing will minimize the chances of error.
GSTR3B Offline Utility

Updates regarding GSTR3B in Tally’s Release 6.6.1

Tally has supported export of GSTR-3B report to the latest MS Excel offline template “GSTR3B_Excel_Utility_V4.3.xlsm” . The corresponding updates are supported in the JSON file format as well.
Excel Utility4.3
Another update regarding GST in this latest release 6.6.1 is that, warning message will pop up if CGST & SGST in the entry mismatches.
As you all know that if any sales happens within the state, 50% of the GST Tax amount should be accounted as CGST which goes to Central Government & 50% of the GST Tax amount should be accounted as SGST which goes to State Government.
In Earlier releases of tally, even if the CGST & SGST Tax amount is different tally accepts the entry without showing any error message. Even in GST Report, it will be in a respective table instead of incomplete / mismatch in information summary line.  But in the latest release, Those entries will be shown with a warning message while saving as “Central Tax and State Tax values do not match” 
Central Tax & State Tax not Match
Even in GST Report, such entries will be in “Mismatch due to tax amount” exception vouchers screen in  “Incomplete/mismatch in information (to be resolved)” summary line.
Tax amount Difference column
The user can go & alter the Ledger master with the correct Tax percentage & resolve the issue.

These are all the updates given regarding GST in Tally’s Release 6.6.1.

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