How to restart Voucher Numbering in Tally.ERP9 for New Financial Year?

Voucher number restarting in Tally

This is a post on how to restart your invoice numbering while moving to New Financial Year in Tally.ERP9.

The numbering of any voucher is decided from voucher types. So if you want to change the numbering of the sales voucher then you have to go to the sales voucher type and Alter it.

So go to Accounts Info and then Voucher type and then Alter and select Sales Voucher.

Gateway of Tally–> Accounts Info –> Voucher Types –> Alter

Now go to Advance configuration just below voucher numbering. Set it to yes and you would get a new screen.

Methods of Voucher Numbering:

Tally Provides five voucher numbering methods Automatic, Automatic (Manual Override), Manual, Multi-User Auto, None

  • Automatic – This method is selected when the user wants Tally.ERP9 to automatically number the Vouchers in the Voucher type in a sequence.


  • Automatic (Manual Override) – This method is selected when the user wants Tally.ERP9 to automatically number the Voucher but also manually enter the voucher numbers when required.


  • Manual – This method allows the user to enter the voucher number manually.


  • Multi-User Auto – This method of voucher number is used in a scenario where multiple users simultaneously record vouchers of the same voucher type, and the voucher numbering between the different User should be managed by the Tally.ERP9 automatically. The Multi-User Voucher Numbering is an extension of the Automatic Numbering method. This option helps in fastening the process without errors. However, this is applicable only in voucher creation and does not apply in the case of insert or delete of vouchers.


  • None – This method of voucher numbering is used when the user does not want to give any voucher numbering for the voucher type.

Note: Ensure you are enabling “Prevent Duplicate field to Yes” when the user selects automatic (manual Override) & Manual Voucher numbering

By default, Tally ERP9 comes with the invoice or voucher number starting from 1. Now restart the numbering column just give the date as 1-4-2020 and starting number as you wish.

That’s all you have to do. Your numbering would start from one.

One more smart thing can be done is by creating a new voucher type and specifying the applicable dates, prefix, suffix, and other details, as needed.


Advanced Configuration


Configuring the voucher numbering like this will result in our Tax Invoice as shown below


Tax Invoice












Defining 16 Characters Invoice Number in Tally.ERP9

As per GST rule invoice numbering should be within 16 digits. If it is more than 16 digits then the transaction will not be relevant for the return.  In Tally.ERP9, we can predefine the 16 digits in the sales voucher type, and also we will get a warning message if the invoice number exceeds 16 digits.

Let us check what happens when we try to give invoice number more than 16 digits in Tally.ERP9.

  1. Create a Tax Invoice Voucher Type. While creating in Select Type of Voucher field select as Sales.
  2. In Method of voucher numbering select as Manual and save the Voucher Creation screen.
  3. Record the Sales Voucher and in Invoice number field enter as 123456789112345678, you will get the following warning message because the voucher number having 18 digits which exceed 16 characters.

Warning Message












  1. We can also provide 16 digit alphanumeric invoice number
  2. If the warning message is not appearing, then from the voucher creation screen press F12: Configure and enable the option Warn if voucher number exceeds 16 characters to Yes


F12 Configuration














That’s all about restarting voucher numbering in Tally. Why are you waiting for? Start your Invoicing in Tally. All the Best.



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